Photographs in Color

These are organized by chapter. Except where noted, all photographs are from my personal collection. (Please send DMCA request to the web designer.)


Chapter 1: Every Character Has a Backstory

I wish I had a color of that gym outfit, which was the most horrific, unflattering green, but I have lost that photo. I wish my memories of having to wear the outfit were as easy to lose.


Chapter 2: Sports and Spy

Chapter 3: The Set Up

Chapter 4: The Big Twist

Chapter 5: The Payoff

Chapter 6: The Simpsons: Fugu Me!

Chapter 7: Brush with Greatness: Working for Letterman

Chapter 8: The Meet Cute

Chapter 9: We’re All Oompa Loopas

Chapter 10: So You Want to Run a TV Show

Chapter 11: Poetry Is in the Doing

Chapter 12: The Ones The Got Away

Chapter 13: You Sexy Motherwriter

Chapter 14: The Decade-long Roller Coaster Ride

Chapter 15: “Fame Whore”

Chapter 16: The One I’d Been Waiting for

Chapter 17: Lily Tomlin, the Kennedy Center… and a Surprise Guest

Chapter 18: Our Funny President

Chapter 19: Stage Five of a Hollywood Writer’s Career